Why Write?

My question is why should I write at all?  I write most days but I have fallen into the journaling and stream of consciousness writing.  But really I would like to share my stories and poetry with you.

Today we are inundated by so many messages - social media, blogs, podcasts, tweets, Instagram. Why add another voice… more importantly, why my voice?  The question stops me like a jammed zipper. Undone again I turn to my faithful journal rather than the computer with a list of questions.

Who will I write for? Who will read it? What will I write? Where will I start? Why write?

There is a live website that awaits me…a beautiful gift from my friend Sara and a Facebook page… originally set up by my soul sister Sammy.  These two friends believe in me and that I have something worthwhile to say and share.

So, I trust there are no more snags. The zip is free. I will write myself home.