Commitment to Wellbeing

Life has a way of handing us gifts. Sometimes we notice, but most times life is so busy we let opportunities go by.

Today I signed up to do a 21 day Meditation Re-treat. I’ve always known meditation is an excellent source of self-care, but for some unknown reason I just can’t commit myself to doing it. Events over the last few weeks have pushed me just a bit closer to really looking after myself.

I figure in 21 days I will have formed the habit! To keep me accountable I am going to write about it here.

If people are interested in the meditations, here's the link

and SUMMERCHILLOUT will give people access at half price

If anyone asked about the full time management program, the best link is 

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

Recently I was asked what motivated me to get up each morning and I knew straight away my answer… curiosity!

‘Curiosity killed the cat’, said Nana with her slight Scottish brogue as she wagged her twisted arthritic finger at me. A memory I still cherish as I was one of those children who always asked why, how and when. As she was a no-nonsense Scot I would test her limits. I never understood her comment; I just knew I had to stop bugging her and go out and play.

This driving force of curiosity began with my parent’s influence and their example. The scattered world of show business meant new people, places and experiences were the norm in my family. I was privy to some unusual people and diverse events which required explanations and I always asked the question!  In fact my parents encouraged it and I lapped up new information like a kitten at a saucer of milk.

My best friend made an entire speech at my fiftieth birthday of all things I have tried over the years. I laughed along with the crowd, particularly recalling my ‘puff painting’ stage – I had forgotten when I would literally paint anything…but deep inside I still feel immense pleasure at just having a go.

I love learning stuff, trying different things.  Now in the Third Act of my life I have the wonderful gift of no judgment, from myself or others. The research is there proving that acquiring knowledge increases our brain cells and staves off Alzheimer’s.

I recently read this quote and copied it down.  "People who perceive themselves as lifelong learners often are 'superagers,' remaining vital and cognitively resilient through very old age.”

What motivates you to get up each morning?