Poetry – love it or hate it. There seems to be no middle ground with this genre. Certainly as a young student I did not appreciate the gift of poetry. Now poetry has become very much part of my daily life.

St Nicholas Poetry Society

I facilitate a poetry group at the St. Nicholas Gallery, once a month, where a diverse group of likeminded people enjoy writing poetry, sharing it with each other and at times performing it. We laugh and share and hopefully record some poetry that will delight our family and friends.

Poetry Book – Threesome

Threesome  Image by Yvette Bentata Moore

Image by Yvette Bentata Moore

With my two friends and fellow poets Yvette Bentata Moore and Sarah Farrugia we became a writing threesome, collaborating on our first poetry book. We self-published and had a very successful launch in May 2012 selling out our first print run. This led to our performing our poetry which was an exciting new adventure for us. We became the Blue Chair Poets after a public performance at a local restaurant of the same name. The restaurant has since closed but we continue on…..


The Blue Chair Poets

The Blue Chair Poets:  Deborah Williams, Sarah Farrugia and Yvette Bentata

The Blue Chair Poets:
Deborah Williams, Sarah Farrugia and Yvette Bentata

We love taking our poetry out to the people; we believe poetry should be accessible and fun. Poetry can be high brow and intellectual but we prefer poetry that tells a story, that makes people laugh or cry. Poetry everyone can relate to. Our last performance was at Mentone Library where we included a ‘rap’. Fortunately the audience got the joke!

We had an amazing ride on the back of one book. In 2018 we ‘retired’ the Blue Chair Poets to concentrate on our own individual writing.